Strangers with near vision behave much like normal living beings in regard to how they react to sight. They appear unable to see objects blocked by a solid plane, become blind in darkness, and are able to respond to light and color in order to perceive 2-dimensional images.


Strangers with far vision react to stimulus in their surroundings, but this vision does not appear impeded by solid objects or an absence of light. Rather, these strangers hone in on objects using an inherent ability to do so with their "vision" being strongest directly near their body, and weaker at great distances.


Strangers with near-far vision display qualities of both near and far vision families, such as seeking out objects without a need for visual stimulus, while also responding to visually ascertained information.


Blind strangers do not react to visual stimulus for any reason, whether due to a lack of reception or a lack of interest/recognition.