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Other Artwork

Postby OutlanderS3S » January 14th, 2017, 2:33 pm

Other than Strangers, share with us artwork that you made.

Recently, I’m focusing on creating artwork for a bestiary I made, which is called I See Borderlings. The Borderlings are invisible to the naked eye, unless you have the right equipment. An example will be that type of monster can be seen with an Ultraviolet filter, and there will be a chance of encountering one.
These beings are based off of natural occurrences in nature and paranormal activity. Their appearances and behavior are inspired off of urban legends and folklore.

There are other pieces of art outside from the project, and you can find them here. These are for a collaborated project I participated in years ago before it got cancelled. Some of these are still my favorite pieces of artwork.

:class_falsifier: My bestiary project: http://iseeborderlings.com
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