January 22nd update, The Known Unknowns

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January 22nd update, The Known Unknowns

Postby Barls_Gnarkley » January 22nd, 2017, 7:31 pm

This seems to be a catalog of encounters by sensitives with strangers. Some of them take place in the future. There are a lot of anatomical terms given to strangers here; the most interesting to me is that the "stranger" part of a lume is called the lume maximus and the "floating head" part is called the lume minimus. Ladroni is also stated to have a "tearform" in addition to its previously given "colorforms". The numbers are mysterious, and don't seem to correspond to:

    *the strain number of the stranger involved
    *the duration of the event
    *the order in which these events occurred
    *anything else I can think to check :class_stabilizer:

It also seems like there's at least one more type of meom than are currently on the meoms page. On the index page, Strangers: Zeroworld is now listed next to Strangers: V.H.Z., and the patreon info for Module II has been removed.
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Re: January 22nd update, The Known Unknowns

Postby derborgus3333 » January 23rd, 2017, 12:10 pm

Some things I've noticed:

The sensitive from entry 1 was carrying a kitchen knife, which they then proceeded to plunge into the ladroni's side. Because their disposition was "excited", and they had a toothache (mentioned in the ladroni entry) I assume this sensitive has suffered from the ladroni's effects before, possibly seeking to kill the ladroni and remedy its deleterious effect.

The sensitive from entry 2 had a bandaged injury, most likely from an earlier encounter with the haledroni or another of its strain. This is supported by the possession of the homemade haledroni figurine. Additionally, the sensitive was armed with a pocketknife and had a silk pouch of herbs, possibly to mask the haledroni's strong odor. Because the sensitive's state is "vengeful", we can assume they have sought out the haledroni to exact revenge upon it by cutting its head and neck with the pocketknife, possibly with the intent to kill.

The sensitive from entry 10 is described as "delirious", possibly because of blood loss due to contact with the stividremi. Additionally, the sensitive appears to be lactose intolerant, and possibly mysophobic (hand towels). The sensitive is in possession of a college ID and "business card with image of comic character on front" suggesting age and profession. Additionally, the sensitive has knowledge of (or conceived of) meoms ("blank receipt paper, drawing of millimeom on one side").

The sensitive from entry 11 is probably a patient, due to few possessions as well as a "treated" ailment. The encounter takes place in the hospital "basement". The sensitive seems to have sought out the madradrone and incapacitated it with a blanket and twine, materials that could have been scavenged from the environment.

The sensitive from entry 12 seems to have suffered numerous injuries, possibly a car collision due to presence of glass and metal shards. The sensitive is severely injured, with bent glasses as well as mental state suggesting that the accident occurred immediately prior to the lume encounter, since lumes generate at scenes of violence. Because the lume ended the encounter with shards of glass and blood on its body, it can be assumed that the encounter was lethal for the sensitive, as lumes attack and kill mortally wounded sensitives. There was most likely a struggle, as the glass shards imbedded in the lume could have been a last-resort attempt by the sensitive to defend themselves. Additionally, the sensitive is described as "panicked".
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Re: January 22nd update, The Known Unknowns

Postby CommieElsen » January 26th, 2017, 6:42 pm

Now this is where it gets intresting. As opposed to the encylopedic content of the other segmemts, this seems like it's more of a scientific incident report. In addition, one of the books on the listing of one of the sensitives invatory is nonexistant IRL, (Prometheus Shrugged). Now, this is leading me to think Strangers takes place in another timeline. In the 1990s, sensitives told some governmental entity about the existance of strangers. Now, this lead to a sort-of secrecy breech, and various governments formed a council to research strangers. However, this seems to center on rather invasive practicies.

In additiom, the later dates have more information.
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Re: January 22nd update, The Known Unknowns

Postby felix » January 28th, 2017, 10:10 am

CommieElsen wrote:In addition, one of the books on the listing of one of the sensitives invatory is nonexistant IRL, (Prometheus Shrugged).

I must very sheepishly confess that this part was not intentional....the book in question should most certainly be Prometheus Rising ; I had debated giving one of the sensitives a copy of The Fountainhead, and so the lattermost word of "Atlas Shrugged" must have somehow snuck in. Ehe....I will upload the correction on the next site update. (otherwise, notes on alternate/multiple timelines have resonance with some of my intentions with this module.)
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