You just discovered you're a sensitive. What do you do?

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You just discovered you're a sensitive. What do you do?

Postby Barls_Gnarkley » November 27th, 2016, 2:00 am

If you want a more detailed scenario: you, more or less exactly as you are right now, exist in the / a strangers universe. You just had an encounter with a stranger, and the circumstances around the encounter are such that it is impossible for you to deny it really happened. What now?

I live in a major city, so if I was a sensitive, I probably would have had brushes with them before now (age 22) in ways that I could write off as dreams I mistook for memories, or shapes I misinterpreted out of the corner of my eye. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I like reading about them and things like "real" aliens, esotericism, the occult, etc. because it's an interesting, "magical" view of the world, and it makes sense to me that strangers would leak into that in-universe as cryptids and demons and other supernatural entities. So I would know there's people who believe these things are real, and I'd want to believe it, too... given some evidence.

A one-on-one encounter would probably push me over that edge. I can easily see myself becoming obsessed, dedicating all of my free time to finding other sensitives online and any information that's been accumulated about strangers, and probably spilling over into real-world conspiracy theories too because, man, if all those people I thought were crazy were right about one thing, maybe they're right about the Illuminati and stuff, too. I'm big on the gathering, organization, and maintenance of information, so I would investigate strangers personally and document things extensively, working with whatever community I could find to better our understanding of what's going on. This newfound "for the good of everyone" sense of purpose gives me drive until I die, either from something mundane or a fatal encounter with a stranger. In the meantime I hopefully manage to keep it together.

I'm pretty confident that's how that version of me's life would go. What about you guys?
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Re: You just discovered you're a sensitive. What do you do?

Postby OutlanderS3S » November 27th, 2016, 5:04 pm

At first, I would brush my experiences off as the environment playing tricks on me. Shadows might take shape that look out of the ordinary or unexplained sounds coming from the next room. But if I see a Stranger face to face, my reaction would be that I will become speechless. I'm familiar with paranormal activity and there are unseen forces manipulating the world around us. To actually see what's making those sounds in the other room will lead me beyond surprised. Lets say I don't know the species of Stranger I encountered. All I can do is watch because I won't know if its docile or not. If it turns out that it meant no harm, I would feel more okay with it and turn from surprise to curiosity. What are its motives? Why it is fascinated with that object on the floor? Being a person who takes precautions, I will still keep my distance towards such an unknown creature. When around in public or with friends, I should keep it to myself or else people will think there's something wrong with me.
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Re: You just discovered you're a sensitive. What do you do?

Postby deercliff » January 1st, 2017, 8:33 pm

This reply is like a month late to the thread, but I've been thinking about it for a while.

I don't think the town I grew up in and which I currently reside in meets the minimum requirements for an infestation, namely the building height required before a condroni may generate. Thus I'd probably have grown up without knowing I'm a sensitive. However, I've visited cities that meet the requirements before, and there is probably where I'd encounter my first strangers, in brief passes on a car ride or out of the corner of my eye at a restaurant.
Strangers would probably cause sort of a conflict in me: on one hand, I'm very anxious, and as a result, cautious, but on the flip side, I'm absolutely fascinated with living creatures. Strangers can't quite be classified as living things, but most of them at least move and put on an appearance of life, which would be enough to catch my interest. However, if I knew of the danger many strains present, I'd be much less enthusiastic, and likely become quite afraid.
At the very least, I'd look closely for them everywhere I went, as I do now with real animals, but keep my distance out of fear for my safety. At most I'd actively pursue them and try to see as much as I could. I think I'd be content with simply seeing low-grade, peaceful strangers on a regular basis, instead of seeking out new strains. Either way, I think I'd also want to find other sensitives; I'd be interested in others experiences, both because I'd want to learn as much as I could about strangers and how to deal with them and because having company in this regard would ease my anxiety.
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