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what is the naming system for strangers?
FK: For a stranger's name, the prefix denotes the strain, while the suffix denotes the sub-strain. This is something that we had wanted to get into a bit in Primer and include as an appendix, but as we don't (currently) have any examples of sub-strains, it would have been superfluous - so instead, you can also think of the suffix as denoting some sort of gradual deformation and implying an overall branching linearity. The only real 'rule' to all of this, is that while the same suffixes show up for multiple strains, each prefix is specific to a single strain.
can I make my own strangers?
FK: You can create any type of stranger that you would like, and as many as you would like; we both love knowing that we have inspired people to make the project their own, and we'd love to see anything that you create. There aren't any particular "rules" in regard to creating strangers; it is whatever feels right to you. If you do create your own strains, please provide a link back to the site site. If you're curious which prefixes are already in use, canonically, please see this list.

This sort of 'free reign' holds true for any fan-sensitives or fan-narratives, as well. Do you want to make a character who lives in the Strangers universe? Do you want to create an alternate version of Strangers set in space, or a distant historical past, or introduce them to your own world? You have our full blessing.
can I contribute to the project?
FK: Right now, we are not looking to add outside designs to the canonical bestiary itself. If you have a Strangers-related project of your own that you're interested in proposing (an expansion module? a product line? a music album?), please let me (Felix) know via email - though I can make no guarantees as to my own level of commitment, I'm always curious to reach out to future collaborators.
can I create a story/comic/game set in the strangers universe?
FK: You have our full blessing to create any sort of fan-story/comic/game (or other media) based upon Strangers, provided that you give full credit to J. and myself for the base concepts, and do not seeking to make money off of such an endeavor. If you do wish to use the Strangers property in a for-profit manner, please contact me via email.
can I use strangers in my RP?
FK: Yes, you can use strangers in any sort of RP, whether public or private, tabletop or text-based, and we have no problem with anyone modifying any aspect of the stranger's 'canon' to do so. Do you want to create a humanized stranger character? Do you want to modify their effects to work with an existing system of your own? Do you want to add strangers to your favorite tabletop roleplaying system? We support these endeavors wholeheartedly. If possible, please link back to the website; otherwise, there are no limits.
in-world, who is writing Strangers?
FK: Perhaps a bit of a coy answer, but, there is no 'in-world' explanation other than to say that it was written by myself and J. Our goals with the writing for this project displays an interest in reflecting or inferring a narrative vs. showing one outright; so, we did not necessarily imagine a specific explanation, nor is this something we plan to focus on at the present time.

We both truly welcome, however, any other interpretation of this source material, and these sort of possibilities are part of what we hope to open up. If you enjoy imagining a world in which the Strangers text has been handed down as some sort of unsourced, authoritative text, or a narrative in which the information in Strangers has been gathered by scientists in some sort of facility, we wholeheartedly support any way in which you choose to interpret, define, or supplement the text of the project itself.
what is the vertical black bar in the scale image?
FK: The vertical black bar to the left of the scale images in Primer and Module II indicates the average height of a human being.
do you have plans for Strangers merchandise?
FK: Strangers merchandise is definitely on the docket! If there is a specific item you're interested in seeing, or if you're a manufacturer interested in working with the property, please let us know via email.
will the old website return?
FK: Some of you may remember the Strangers website as it existed in 2011-2013; we do not plan to restore that website at this time.
do you have another question? please email me (Felix) and I will do my best to answer any question(s) that you may have. I can be reached at strangers@atrocityland.com.