Are you interested in not only supporting The Stranger Modules, but engaging with the work itself? There are several ways to do so. (Please note that prices are subject to change at any time.)

Thank you Ringor Mortis for providing the sketch on the left!
your stranger in canon style

Are you an artist who has already created a fan-stranger of their own? Would you like me to render your artwork in the canonical style? If you provide a base sketch (contingent to approval), I will ink and color your stranger in the style utilized in Primer/Module II, as well as create an internal view.

inks/colors/internal view
your fan-stranger, introduced to Radials

Perhaps just having art is not enough for you. Perhaps you would also like to see your fan-stranger introduced to Strangers: Radials, as well. There are two ways to do this.

introduction to Radials, basic

Do you already have an entry written? That's great! I will work with you on proofreading/editing (subject to approval of concept), as well as create a scale image for the entry (should you not provide their own), transcribe the IPA pronunciation, and format the entry's CSS/HTML. (You will be credited in Strangers: Radials as a the strain's creator.)

basic (conversion to HTML only)
basic (inks/colors + conversion to HTML)
introduction to Radials, deluxe

Perhaps you have a visual concept for your stranger, or a general concept, but feel unsure about the writing itself. If this is the case, I will help you to organize your notes, and use them to write a 900+ word entry, complete with footnotes and any supplemental information. I will also create a scale image (should the artist not provide your own), transcribe the IPA pronunciation, work with you on proofreading, and format the entry's CSS/HTML. (You will be credited in Strangers: Radials as a the strain's creator.)

deluxe (writing and conversion to HTML only)
deluxe (inks + colors, writing, + conversion to HTML)
a stranger of your very own

Perhaps you are not an artist, but you would still like to expand Strangers: Radials with a fan-stranger of your very own. These strangers can be thought of as a personal, "just-for you" strain. Perhaps you are interested in a stranger based upon a favorite character of yours, or a beloved pet, or, perhaps you would like a stranger that can act as a personal sigil.

I will work with you on concept, writing, and proofreading, as well as create primary and scale images of the stranger, an internal view, and any neccessary insets. Though the rights to the design will be retained within the context of The Stranger Modules project as a whole, you will always be credited a sponsor, and the design will never be sold, licensed, or used for any for-profit purposes.

a stranger of your own

Please send me an email if you're interested in any of the above. Or, if there's another way you're interested in commissioning my services, I am curious to hear your ideas. Thank you so much for enjoying the project!

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