I am open to both hosting work by others, and collaborating with other artists on material set within the world of The Stranger Modules.

Perhaps you have a non-collaborative project (for example, a series of illustrations, or a solo module) that you'd like to see hosted on the Strangers website. I would be happy to hear your idea, or see your work, and we can discuss whether it is a good fit for the "other modules" section of the site.

Or, perhaps collaboration is more your style, and you'd like to work on a module or other project together.

Perhaps you are a product-maker and you have an idea for prints, pins, toys, or something else. I am currently seeking out professional contacts in the realm of product design – if you have experience in this field, freely contact me.

Or, perhaps you have a fan-made stranger that you'd like to see hosted in "Radials". Please see this page for more information.

For all inquiries including (but not limited) to the above subjects, please email me at...
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