The Stranger Modules presents...
Strangers Adoptables
The designs featured here are a collaborative effort between Vanessa and Felix. The visual designs and descriptions of these "adoptables" can be thought of as open-ended character prompts or narrative starters for you to create your own stories and concepts. (Do you remember buying an action figure as a kid, and reading the short description on the back of the box, and using this as a springboard for daydreams and make-believe? This is the sort of feeling that is being aimed for with these creatures, as well.)
terms of use
Buyers are free to modify any aspects about the character, including (but not limited to) the name, appearance, or any story/background details, with the exception of the species (designs must still be referred to as 'strangers'). Buyers may not resell the design, nor may they profit off of the art. Credit is not strictly needed, but should the buyer choose to credit, they may do so by linking back to The Stranger Modules.
Each stranger adoptable is USD$50 each.
Do you want to adopt one of these strangers? Click here to see an up-to-date list of available designs. (Customs are also always available for between 30-50$, depending on complexity.)

Murodroze // Lost Birthday
"We came bearing gifts; you brought them inside, after throwing away all the boxes. We cried for a week and a day, but our chests were now hollow. Such an ungrateful welcome is too hard to swallow." Callolay, Jean. Collected Nursery Rhymes from the Latefall Stages, page unknown.
Skendrelli // Nadelkissen
"Without a doubt, they'd blinded it completely, but still it braided, still it wound the strings around, around itself again. The spectators watched from behind the cage; 'how many times have we done this to it so far?', one asked, to which the next closest answered, 'don't you see those numbers on its flank?'" Woerfel, Yannik. The Zoos We Lost, 307.
Serodroni // Los Oculeroz
"They had already taken what they'd wanted from it by the time that I had found it. Each eye marked a drainage it was useless, only curious and cold." Red, Sarrah. Bloodlet-bound, 31.
Gouranderi // The Carvonzent
"We waited for the carousel to return, but all the steeds had returned to their halls." Carver, Zentral. "Discards", line 39.
Anodroni // Anodronierex
"They cut the different colored one to make sure it wasn't hiding anything. Now the expression on the mask it can't take off makes a mockery of its pain." Sourshift, Winston. Novel Responses to Calamity, 309