temporarily on hiatus.

To those wondering about the blank space- you may be asking yourself "Is Strangers dead?" – and the answer to that question is a definitive "no!"

Yes, the site is down- for now. Strangers is a massive project, and part of the challenge has always been juggling between the "public" portions of the project, and the ongoing work on the project itself. I change details a lot during the creative process, and this bestiary is most certainly a work-in-progress. It's difficult to give the writing and brainstorming process my full attention when I'm always worried that edits and revisions will negate "canon" or disappoint those who do enjoy the site (to whom I am massively thankful to, believe me!). As a creator, I want to give you an exciting literary and visual experience that is just as enjoyable for you as a reader as it is for me as a writer- and thus, when I do share the Strangers project again, it will be as a complete, cohesive work. This entire experience has been a learning experience, and I cannot thank you enough for your input and feedback.

As such, the site has temporarily been taken down so that I can give my full attention to the next phase of the Strangers product. I cannot say too much more at this stage in time, but it will be more expansive and more detailed than anything I've worked on before, and I truly hope that it will live up to the expectations of those who have enjoyed the Strangers project thus far.

We (the creators of the Strangers project) cannot thank our fans enough for their continued interest and enthusiasm in the project. Your interest has helped turn this project from a small, personal bit of brainstorming into the massively detailed world that it has become.

I am confident that you will enjoy the project's next phase, and that any wait for the next phase's release will be well worth it. Until then, keep your eye on this space for goodies and further updates and teasers as to the project's next phase.


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